Exile on Coldharbour Lane - The Box Set

The Exile on Coldharbour Lane Box Set is Alabama 3’s Guide To A,B,C,D & E. A is for Acid (or Acid-House). B is for Booze (or Blues). C is for Cocaine (Or Country) and D is for Dope (or Dub) and E, of course, is for Ecstasy and represented by our seminal debut Album, Exile on Coldharbour Lane. 
The 5-disc box set contains 5 albums, Joining Exile on Coldharbour, the 4 previously unreleased additions, A,B,C & D sees Alabama 3 throughout the decades re-worked by the aforementioned genres. givIng us an eclectic mix of genres which have inspired Alabama 3 to put them together as one. The albums include previously unreleased & reworked versions of tracks which may sound familiar! Country versions of techno bangers and techno takes on our more mellow stuff can be found in our acid-house mashup!
But lead singer Larry Love doesn’t want you to be fooled by any pre-school notions that a title such as A,B,C,D might suggest.
“The box set is also a cosmic guide through Alabama 3’s various drug habits over the years,” he says. “We want people to put their spacesuits on and dive in”. So what exactly is on offer to the general public this time?
Disc 1 – A is for Acid House and Aciiiiid….
“Acid does exactly what it says on the tab – it takes you on a trip through Alabama 3 and things we’ve dropped in the last 2 decades” Larry declares. The album is a transcendental journey through a party portal which finds Alabama 3 in full abandon, under the fluorescent glow of UV light.
Disc 2 – B is for Blues and Booze
“Blues is an album that came straight out of the bottle. In 2016 we were all living in some kind of Miles Davis narrative…leaving our wives and wrestling our demons, following the scent of the Brixton boozers in their last hurrah before gentrification swallowed them whole. We got you hooked in 2016 with Alabama 3’s favourite gateway drug – Booze.
Disc 3 – C is for Country and Cocaine
With cocaine long being the aperitif and after-itif of Country musicians throughout the ages, Alabama 3’s relationship with the white stuff has formed a definitive part of their sound and arguments. Larry Love says of the third disc. ”I recently bumped into John Prine who told me we were the only cats he’d met in all his years of touring, who partied as hard before the show as we did after. “ In ode to Country music legends like Mr Prine and all the people who kept the Country music party alive and kicking throughout the ages, Alabama 3 offer something a little pure.
Disc 4 – Dub and Dope
A sound so synonymous with their Brixton heartland, Alabama 3 attempts for the first time to show off the quality of the local produce they have enjoyed and sampled in the place they now call home. This one goes out to all the generals, sistas and roadmen who’ve taught them all they know over the years. Fans can expect a smoke hazed party album featuring Alabama 3 as they’ve never sounded before.
Disc 5 – Exile & Ecstasy
And finally, Exile, their seminal debut album being celebrated 22 years on from its release, including their most well-known track, Woke Up This Morning, which went on to become the globally recognised sound-track of the hit TV Series, The Sopranos. Made during a very ‘loved up’ period of Alabama 3’s life, as they lay roots amidst the British rave scene of the 90’s, Exile is a comedown they’ve never intended to end.