Sister Sheena

Born Destra Orsheena Ross, Sister Sheena is from Guyana, South America. Her family being musical, Sheena sang before she could talk and from the age of four aspired to the big stages so started practising. Facing her first audience in church at the age of seven, Sheena sang in both the children’s church choir and school choir.

Moving to the UK at the age of nine, Sheena pursued her musical career, refining her craft and performing in school shows, including as Killer Queen in a school production of We Will Rock You.

At the age of 13, Sheena started learning music production and wrote her first song, about bullying. Attending Gateshead College, Sheena studied the nuts and bolts of the music business as a performer while singing in churches, care homes and on the streets solo and in choirs.

After a spell working as a care assistant, at the age of 20 Sheena moved to the Virgin Islands as a choir teacher at a Montessori elementary school, also singing at various events.

Returning to England a year later, Sheena apprenticed as a support worker while producing her own music and singing in karaoke bars.

Moving to London with its greater range of musical opportunities, Sheena worked as a cloakroom attendant and bartender, at which point she met Sister Ese at one of Ese’s open mic nights in Brixton, joining Ese & The Vooduu People as backing singer in July 2018. In November

Sheena, along with Ese, joined Alabama 3 as backing vocalist for the winter tour, and has been in the line-up ever since.

Her favourite gig with Alabama 3 was the Highest Point Festival in Lancaster in May 2019, not just for the show’s energy and quality but because she met Sister Sledge, an inspiration since she was a child. “I was completely overwhelmed.”