Nick Reynolds AKA Harpo Strangelove:  Harmonica, Millioniser, Jaws Harp.
Born Kensington 1962.
American School Foundation, Mexico 1967-68, Shoreham Grammar School 1969, Emanuel School 1974, Royal Navy 1977-1985
His first band was in the Royal Navy, the ‘Tight Vices’ from 1979-81. They once had a regular slot on the ships TV [until banned by the ships Chaplain!} and played in any port abroad that would have them. The band broke up during a gig in Florida after the lead singer decked the bass player onstage, and stage dived into the audience with microphone in hand; resulting in the house PA stack crashing to the floor. In 1983 whilst serving in Navy Intelligence Whitehall, Nick played with reformed 60’s group ‘The Pretty Things’ until 1985 -who’s members at the time included Mike Giles [ King Crimson], Hugh Lloyd Langton [Hawkwind], Ian Stuart [former Rolling Stones], Dick Taylor [former Rolling Stones] and Dave Gilmour from Pink Floyd [Nick also performed with Pink Floyd at the Chateau de Chantilly  in 1994]. In 1985 he went to Australia to reform the ‘Tight Vices’ which broke up within a year, so  joined “Dirty Pool” a regular blues rock band on the melbourne music scene for 6 months. In 1989 he formed a blues duo with Bob Weston[ formerly Fleetwood Mac] ‘Les Grandes Branleurs” and in 1991 they became the Backstreet Band, with award winning jazz pianist Liane Carroll, to write and record the soundtrack for the TV Film ‘Palmer’ starring Ray Winston. From 1995-98 he was a member of the brit-pop band ‘Octopus’ [food/EMI]  They released 4 singles with two getting into the top 40, and one album, ‘From A to B’. In 1999 he joined experimental electro jazz band ‘Blowpipe’ and left after the release of their second album ‘Epilogue.’ In 2001 after playing harmonica for the Arthur Baker Remix of  ‘Mansion on the Hill’, he became part of the Alabama 3, subsequently bringing his then partner, singer Zoe Devlin into the fold.
Favourite gig
Split decisions between Shepherds Bush Empire performing ‘Have you seen Bruce Richard Reynolds’ onstage with Bruce. Glastonbury main stage 2002, simply because its Glastonbury and the main stage! or the acoustic band playing at Stephens Kings book launch in Temple Bar, within a medieval hall, where Steven came onstage and joined us. It was uite surreal, and all the more memorable for his uote in the papers the next day ‘The idea of a world without Alabama 3  simply fills me with horror!” wicked! ;]
Side projects 
Curse of Lono,  2019 winners Bob Harris emerging Americana artists  [ harmonica on album ‘4a.m. and counting’]
Sculptor and artist.
The U.K.’s foremost expert and creator of death masks www.memorialcasts.co.uk
Art site www.reynoldsandrose.london
Film producer and film soundtrack composer  https://www.imdb.com/name/nm2225957/